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mercverse's Journal

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The Merc verse is a FF7 AU world spawned by various pics people sent me or I found roaming the mass of sites I can't understand. They were full of shinies. Some of the pics are here. If you know of others, send them my way and I'll be more than willing to go "ooh, shiny" and probably write more fic.

The universe is completely open. Only canon at all is the following: Cloud is immortal, Sephiroth is a mage adept, Zack is more than human, and Vincent and Chaos are half-demon twin brothers. Other than that...have at thee. Want to bring in other fandoms, ignore everything else besides what I just said was canon, or anything else? Feel free to do so.

And, as added bonus to encourage fanart, I(icedark_elf) will write a ficlet to any fanart drawn for the Mercverse. Draw me Mercverse art, I write my own special brand of crappy fanfic.


1: Remember the basics: Be polite, don't flame, don't wank, and don't bad mouth. The basics.

2: Canon is a laughable word here. Just a reminder.

3: Enjoy yourself. Yes. That's a rule. However, don't get your enjoyment by hurting other members. Refer back to rule one.

4: Is not so much a rule as a suggestion. Please comment. It makes people more willing to write/draw when they know people are paying attention.

5: Introduction posts. I know most comms have rules one them, I don't really are, though it would be nice it you did say hi. Of course, *grins* any shiny things you'd like to add to a intro post is always welcomed.

6: At the moment, there is no six. This is just a figment of your imagination. If that changes, I'll update you on the com