Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy... (edenfalling) wrote in mercverse,
Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...

[Fic] "Two Guys and a Girl," Part 8

This story is set about ten years before main Mercverse canon, insofar as this AU can be said to have any canon. :-) So. "Two Guys and a Girl," in which I bend, staple, and otherwise mutilate normal game canon involving trips to Nibelheim, because seriously, what's the point of crack AUs if you can't play around like this?

( two Guys and a Girl, Part 8 )

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You know, that wasn't quite how I thought that meeting/conversation would go, but once I got past the initial 200-500 words, the scene more or less wrote itself. And it does give me a lot of interesting stuff to play around with in chapter 9, so I think, all in all, it worked out.
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