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[Fanfic] [Zack x Aeris] Armed Escort: Redux


So this community has been silent and lonesome for... uh... years. But I've recently been going over old fic and sprucing them all up again for posting on AO3, and it seemed just wrong to do it without leaving a mention here where it all began. I love you good ol' mercverse, always will.

Title: Armed Escort: Redux
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Zack / Aeris
Warnings: Fluff. Silly Zack thoughts. Squishy semi-explicit het.

Summary: Zack found the girl the Turks have been hunting for, and he makes the happy mistake of following her when she runs.

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Just a little intro about me. I'm an absolute fan of the Compliation of FFVII games/universe and the canon as a whole, as well as AU (Currently I am doing an RP with a friend Bushi Samurai!Sephiroth x Geisha!Cloud - AU, Edo Period, Wutai) which is really fun.
NOTE: When it's completed and I have permission from the person playing Cloud, it'll be up on either my writing/art journal or ffvii_yaoi in chapters.

Also I'm a fan of all most pairings however Seph, Cloud And Zack together are my main loves. Vincent/Chaos following behind a close second. I'm looking forward to immersing myself into the realm of this particular universe, it looks throughly amazingly and of course I shall comment. =)

<3's forever to the FANDOM!!
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I'm new to this community and I just wanted to say hello. I am absolutely in love with FFVII (especially Cloud) and I'm currently working on a mercverse-inspired picture of our favourite little crew. I'll post it as soon as it's finished. I can't guarantee that it'll be any good but I'll try to at least make it shiny.

As far as fics go, I haven't written anything for FFVII but I am currently working on an Initial D fic. I'm not the worlds best writer (pretty amateur actually) so I don't think I'll be writing any more fics after that one. But I'm more that happy to provide fanart to rouse the little bunnies.
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Three Drabbles

Remember me? I'm the newbie. I promised intro-fic so here goes. *ducks rotten tomatoes* Be nice?

Rating: R, overall. Just because. I used the word 'sex'. That's evil. *nods*
Warnings: None, really.
Beta: My two betas have been MIA for the past month. I’m starting to think they don’t love me anymore. From my fingers to your eyes.
Summary: Three bits of everyday life. In a way. Cloud. Aeris. Zack. And a boy.

A/N: This is the 'hello, I’m new, don’t kill me, I brought drabbles' post. I hope they do this insanely wonderful ‘verse justice.

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Please don’t ask where the last one came from. My brain made me do it!


Intro Post

Hi, I'm the new chick.

After reading pretty much everything in the merverse within the last 24 hours, I decided what the heck and here I am. I'm looking forward to this like crazy, although, admittedly, I'm a rather sporadic LJ-er. College is simply sucking up all of my time, somehow. Vishnu knows why, I certainly don't study very much.

I prefer spending my time writing. I'm also pretty new to the fandom. Never written FFVII before. My usual haunts are BtVS, Anita Blake and especially Harry Potter. I'm sort of crossover obsessed, well, have been. Interests change. If anyone cares, (almost) all my stories can be found under faithfulwords.

If I manage to ignore those two papers I should write for a little longer, I might come back bearing shiny fic tonight.

Until then,


[Fic] "Two Guys and a Girl" part 10

This story is set about ten years before main Mercverse canon, insofar as this AU can be said to have any canon. :-) So. "Two Guys and a Girl," in which I bend, staple, and otherwise mutilate normal game canon involving trips to Nibelheim, because seriously, what's the point of crack AUs if you can't play around like this?

Edited 2/4/08, because the version first posted was the rough draft, which I put up mostly so I wouldn't have to eat my scarf for delaying yet another day. *grin* The new version still isn't great literature, but it's a bit less embarrassingly awkward.

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I may write a brief epilogue set a few years later, but then again, I have a lot of other things to work on, so don't hold your breath. Julian Silverberg is a reference to chofi's fic here; I know nothing of Suikoden or how she intended to use him, but this seemed reasonable to me. Zack's issues with duels (and the trouble they caused at court) are mentioned in several other fics.
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[Fic] "Two Guys and a Girl," Part 9

This story is set about ten years before main Mercverse canon, insofar as this AU can be said to have any canon. :-) So. "Two Guys and a Girl," in which I bend, staple, and otherwise mutilate normal game canon involving trips to Nibelheim, because seriously, what's the point of crack AUs if you can't play around like this?

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Continue to Part 10


Part 10 should be done by Friday at the latest.
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Writing - without it I would die


Let's see...introductions, introductions - what am I supposed to say in them?

Edit: First off, this account is a two-person account - me and a friend of mine that's in college. She's going to be posting her own introduction using this account later...I think sometime this weekend. If not, it'll end up being e-mailed to me and I'll post it up since I have a bit more time than her(I can't believe that I forgot to mention this earlier...seeing as I didn't even know about this community until she e-mailed me and told me that she'd joined it...but then again, we've rarely used this account until now, when we decided e-mailing stories back and forth was taking too much time...)

Anyways, I'm a female high school student and I have an insane love for crossovers, AUs, and any type of fic where I can get away with twisting the minds of the characters. It's probably the reason why I decided to join post in this community (joining wasn't my decision)- apart from the fact that Cloud, Zack, Vincent, Chaos, and Sephiroth are so fun to play with both in and out of canon. Mostly, I write - art is something I leave to the people who have enough skill so that they don't turn lines into circles. I'm notoriously slow at updating multi-chapter stories (especially during the school years) but then again, I've never really posted them anywhere so it might be the lack of motivation...anyways, I normally stick to writing one-shots. 

Edit: It should be easy to tell the difference between my writing style and my friend's writing style - I generally write completely angst/psychotic!character one-shots and she actually has detailed plots for her stories and they tend to make sense, which is more than I can say about my one-shots.

Speaking of which, I come with a gift based off a prompt by kuro_fenikkusu. 

Title: Curiousity made the Chibi...

Summary: Zack shouldn't have touched the pretty, shiny amulet sitting on Sephiroth's desk.

Rating: G

Unbetaed, but my beta and I are both being swamped by tests, quizzes, labs, and papers this week so if I don't post this now, it would probably get forgotten until Christmas, at least.


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And on that note, I'm not going to be very active for at least the next month or so...my entire month is completely booked by school and extracurricular activities. Gomen nasai!
Edit: Actually, now that I think about it...I'm not going to be in this community much unless I write something else like the above or an angst one-shot. 

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Beware the plot bunnies

I have a little idea for you guys. 

Prompt: Zack finds an amulet in Seph's room, and accedentally activates it. What does it do?

Feel free to use this however you want. All i ask is that it be a bit more than a 100-word drabble.

(And i know i promised i'd put up Ultraviolet soon, but i haven't had the time to write it ^^; )